Frank Capri and Toby Keith Team Up for I Love This Bar & Grill

Country fans can finally rejoice, as this genre is sweeping the senses: everyone’s favorite country musician, Toby Keith has partnered with Frank Capri to create I Love This Bar & Grill. Named after his hit single, the name of the location holds true to its customers. With a lively atmosphere, plenty of down-south entertainment, and lots of delicious food, it is definitely worth a visit.

Many folks visit these restaurants for the sole purpose of hanging out at the bar. The walls are adorned with lots of Toby Keith memorabilia, ranging from t-shirts to rare artifacts. The bar itself is shaped as an enormous guitar off which you can sip your southern favorites. It is the perfect place to enjoy a whiskey sour and take in the unique environment that pays homage to Toby.

The atmosphere is taken up a notch when nights and weekends roll around. These locations regularly serve as venues for live country bands and artists, so it is a great place to get out on a Saturday night for some fun. On nights that do not have live music, there is always country music pumping through the speakers or country DJ is turning out tunes. Shots are always served when “I Love This Bar” plays!

Even if there was no live entertainment, the menu truly serves as a reason to make the trip. On it are heaping servings of the most delicious and authentic barbecue ribs you will ever try. There are also tons of traditional southern desserts, including pecan and sweet potato pie with a helping of vanilla ice cream. Moreover, what southerner doesn’t appreciate a good old-fashioned fried bologna and cheese sandwich?

In addition to the sandwiches and entrees, the appetizers and sides don’t come up short. Go true southern by starting off with some pulled pork pockets or fried shrimp and crawfish tails. The southwest comes through by offering some spicy jalapeno poppers, tortilla soup, and even chili jalapeno corn muffins. Sides, of course, include country mashed potatoes, turnip greens, baked beans, and other southern favorites.

Since it’ll be a meal you won’t want to forget — especially for Toby Keith fans — the perfect way to end the night is by stopping by the gift shop on the way out. There is everything from “Whiskey Girl” t-shirts and shot glasses to be bought, as well as sauces and other foods with recipes native to the restaurant. In a nutshell, I Love This Bar & Grill has it all.