Frank Capri Showcases Toby Keith with I Love This Bar & Grill

I Love This Bar & Grill makes for a much-needed country lover’s haven. The franchise is the result of Frank Capri and Toby Keith pairing up, and has strong country music influences in its sights, sounds, and tastes. It is great for anyone to come and enjoy the heaping plates of food, southern-style cocktails, and live music, but anyone into country culture will appreciate the over-the-top atmosphere even more.

Hanging in the bar area is an experience in itself. There is so much to draw in the country-lover’s eye, such as rare Toby Keith concert memorabilia and signed artifacts on the walls. The bars themselves are popular among guests because they are shaped like oversized guitars; visitors love having a drink while sitting at them. And, lest we forget, there are always shots served when “I Love This Bar” comes on the TV.

Even though all this is atmosphere enough, sticking around for late nights will really show guests what this bar is made of. Gig-goers are in for a treat, because there is live country music hosted at these locations multiple times per week. Those who love to groove can also come out on nights where country DJs are pumping out tunes. Not many restaurants are good for a comparable nightlife.

Foodies will make the venture to an I Love This Bar location based on the menu alone. Special barbecue rubs are created to serve fall-off-the-bone ribs and chicken of various succulent flavors. Finish your savory meal with a down-home dessert such as pecan/sweet potato pie topped with ice cream. No matter what you order, know that the serving sizes are generous, to say the least.

To add to the generosity of the amount of food offered per dish are the sides. They are just as delicious as anything that would be served at a good old-fashioned southern Sunday dinner. Start with some savory pulled-pork pockets filled with the best meat around, or get your fix of fried crawfish tails. Order a side of mashed sweet potatoes or turnip greens to really give any meal a nostalgic, down-south feel.

Especially for those who travel great distances to get to these locations, getting a souvenir on the way out is a must. Luckily, there is a gift and souvenir shop that Toby Keith fans will love in every restaurant. Earn yourself a “Whiskey Girl” tank top after drinking at the bar, or get some shot glasses for your bar at home. In any case, I Love This Bar & Grill is a dining experience you will not want to forget.