I Love This Bar & Grill a Hit with Toby Keith Fans

I Love This Bar & Grill is a restaurant named after Toby Keith’s single of the same title and owned by Frank Carpi. With Toby Keith’s personal touches in every aspect, the restaurant will win over its visitors hearts the same way Keith does with his music. These franchises are located nationwide, everywhere from California to Massachusetts. Before you know it, a location will be opening up near you if it has not already.

The name is not just derived from Toby Keith’s song, though — you really will love the bar! The atmosphere alone is incredibly unique and fun, featuring giant guitar-shaped bars from which all your favorite southern drinks are served. Whether diners are more privy to Southern Comfort or like themselves a nice Jack and Coke, there are southern cocktail specials every night to enjoy.

Country fans are in their element when visiting these unique restaurants because the country love manifests itself in every way possible. The servers are dressed as cute southern cowgirls and the twangy tunes are pumping constantly through speakers and TVs. There are even live country musicians hosted at the bars almost every night, and DJs to play country tunes on the nights without live music.

Even for those who are not big into country itself, the food is something that must be tried. Traditional southern-recipe ribs, fried bologna sandwiches, and chicken wings are done big in these locations, and diners will love the price tag, too. There are not many places around that serve their sandwiches on Texas toast anymore, and the home-style recipes are as mouthwatering as they are nostalgia inducing.

Southern sides are not skimped upon on these menus. Anything your mama used to make for family dinner can be found in the sides category. From creamed corn to mashed sweet potatoes, try not to be tempted to try them all! In addition, now that there are locations in Colorado and Michigan, even northerners get to experience what it is like to have southern roots through the food.

Toby Keith fans can certainly rejoice at the fact that diners cannot leave this restaurant without stopping in the Toby Keith memorabilia shop. Nowhere else can country fans find all the fun country-inspired gifts such as shot glasses, cowboy hats, and t-shirts…all inspired by their favorite musician! Stop by I Love This Bar & Grill while traveling or in your neighborhood to get a feel for the south.